Project partners

The iCarer project consortium consists of nine partners who are a mix of commercial organisations, academic institutions and end user organisations.

TunstallProject Coordinator, Large Company, United Kingdom

Tunstall is a world leader in telecare, specialising in technology to facilitate independent living for elderly and disabled people as well as telehealth solutions for the care of people – both professional and informal - with long term health conditions. Tunstall is headquartered in UK and operates in Europe, Australasia & Asia Pacific and North America. It develops innovative health and social care solutions and offers a full suite of products and services including hardware, software, service, monitoring and response, support, training and consultancy. Tunstall’s customers are generally public-facing bodies who themselves provide or enable care services. These include local authorities, housing associations, Primary Care organisations, Healthcare Insurers, major charities and voluntary organisations.

Tunstall has maintained a dialogue with care providers and Governments across Europe, particularly aimed at raising awareness of remote healthcare monitoring as an enabler for cost-effective alternatives to institutionalised care. Tunstall has participated in SOPRANO, CommonWell and INDEPENDENT, all EU-sponsored projects, whose objectives include the extension of the applications and services accessible through monitoring technology platforms. Tunstall’s growth strategy is based on continuously developing the core products, and on developing innovative solutions through specialized products that address problems within the field of elderly care. In order to be able to quickly respond to and solve customers’ problems, product development and sourcing is based on co-operation with leading international technology partners. This gives the Group access to a wide range of technologies and leads to a quicker development process. Within a fairly conservative market, Tunstall has been one of the most innovative suppliers in past years.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, UPMTechnical Coordinator, University, Spain and

UPM is the oldest and largest of the Spanish Technical Universities. It has more than 200 Research Units and several Research Institutes and Technological Centres.

The Biomedical Engineering and Telemedicine Centre (GBT) of UPM is the research leading centre for education, research and technological development focused on bioengineering; mostly concerned with the application of information and communication technologies to biomedicine. It is the largest biomedical engineering and telemedicine research centre in Spain and maintains beneficial partnership with public and private sectors in its research and technological development areas. The GBT is a specialised centre on ICT for prevention and management of chronic diseases (Diabetes, EPOC, HIV, cognitive impairment) and elderly co-morbidity situations, e-health and ambient intelligence solutions for patient-oriented home care. User needs modelling, multimodal user interface design, home ambient technologies development and integration, telehealth modelling and service solutions, and implementation and validation of field trials.

During the last 10 years, UPM-GBT has published more than 350 scientific publications and participated from its creation in 55 European projects funded by several EU Research Programmes (AIM, RACE, TIDE, BRITE, Telematics Applications, ACTS, ESPRIT and IST). The last relevant IST projects in which GBT has taken a leadership role in the last years are: “INCA“, “SCATh- ” and “MobiGuide. In AAL field, GBT-UPM has participated in several projects devoted to health and wellness of older adult (AmIVital, MIND and REHABILITA).

S3 GroupSME, Ireland

S3 Group is a leading provider of Telehealth and Telecare consultancy services. Their services for Health and social care providers enable them to implement and deploy connected care systems that improve clinical outcomes of chronically ill individuals. Moreover, their products and services meet the needs of patients, their carers, clinical professionals and the wider healthcare system, and address the issues of privacy, confidentiality and data governance. S3 Group have expertise in defining, producing, integrating and deploying robust, scalable, patient-centric holistic Telecare and Telehealth systems.

Moreover, by utilising a service oriented architectural model, the company ensures that their systems can interoperate with other personal health systems and the wider Healthcare IT infrastructure in multiple countries. They have worked with customers on usability studies, product or service evaluations, etc. This involved defining user groups, target audience, and evaluation frameworks. Because of their Healthy Citizen portal, S3 Group actively engages with patients in a formalized way, measuring usability and user experience, as well as level of satisfaction.

ZDUSEnd User, Slovenia

ZDUS is a NGO, established in 1946, organized as umbrella organization of 503 local associations of pensioners and clubs, including over 233.000 members all over Slovenia. The main objectives of ZDUS is to help to reach an active, productive and creative life of older people as long as possible, a recognition of the potential of knowledge and experiences of older people as contribution to the whole society, and humanization of the last period of life achieved through solidarity of the society and self-help activities of older population. ZDUS is active in the following areas: promotion of health and healthy lifestyle among older population in Slovenia, different sport, recreational, travel, cultural and social activities in local communities, advocacy for the needs and expectations of older people on national and local level, taking care of cultural heritage, supporting intergenerational collaboration and understanding, self-help activities among older people, active ageing and long-life learning.

Informática y Comunicaciones Avanzadas, ICACompany, Spain

ICA is an IT Company which has focused its activity in the area of consulting services, Information Technology and Communications and Innovation. In the last three years ICA has focused its R+D efforts on individual and cooperative initiatives, in order to open new markets and develop new products and services. ICA is aware of the importance of spreading the use and impact of new technologies on the economy and society, and it is for that reason that has participated in Public Administration Programs such as the Plan Avanza and the INNPACTO Program. Those two initiatives will help to achieve a substantial progress in coming years and also make profit of the potential of ICT.

The main objectives that ICA has achieved with its projects are the following: promoting ICT healthcare for the welfare, modernizing the education training model through the use of ICT, spreading the use of ICT among enterprises and developing green ICT.

Some of the relevant R&D projects are Neurolearning, Neurocontent, Neuroloingua; which are aimed to offers innovative responses to patients with cognitive and behavioral sequels of acquired brain injury as cerebral stokes. Moreover, others R&D projects as Monsurin BI, Monsurin Intelligence, e-Health has the objective to the development of an expert system based on biomedical signs for the care of critical or potentially critical patients.

Nottingham Telecare ServiceEnd User, United Kingdom

Nottingham Telecare Service provides a range of linked and standalone equipment designed to help people remain safe and independent in their home. The Service was established in 2007 and currently employs a team of 7 people including 2 specialist Occupational Therapists.

The team offers a broad range of equipment to citizens of Nottingham roughly split into 2 categories: Linked Equipment which can generate an alert (to a staffed call centre) when there is a problem and help is required and Stand Alone Equipment (such as easy to read clocks and calendars that can help with everyday tasks). The Linked Equipment is installed and monitored by Nottingham On Call, a private company working in partnership with the Telecare Service.

Citizens who use the service include:

  • Older and vulnerable people with disabilities
  • Younger people with disabilities
  • Individuals who have been discharged from hospital who require additional support and assistance at home
  • Those caring for a child or young person with a disability
  • People at risk of domestic violence, racial harassment, repeat victimisation or distraction burglar

Nottingham City Council is considered to be one of the most pro-active local authorities in the UK in terms of viewing Assistive Technology as the most important foundation in the future of Social Care and pushing for its inclusion at the primary stages of assessment as well as constantly developing, reviewing and expanding the range of equipment it offers. The team is also involved in many on-going projects researching and documenting the benefits the equipment can bring, both in terms of improving the quality of living for the user and also the financial savings for the Council and for the NHS that are created by reducing hospital and residential care admissions.

Nottingham Trent University, NTUUniversity, United Kingdom

NTU established in 1992 comprises 9 academic schools in three campuses. The School of Science and Technology (SST) hosts wide-ranging research of international status in world class facilities. A major theme of the school is interdisciplinary research bringing together fundamental and applied research to provide benefit to people and society.

This proposal involves the Ambient and Computation Intelligence research group, which has expertise in computational intelligence techniques, intelligent environments, location aware systems, intelligent modelling, control and robotics. The group has worked with local authorities and national companies on different ambient assistive projects. We have published many journal and conference papers in the area of monitoring and assistive applications.

PyximaSME, Belgium

Pyxima is a spin-off from Leuven University. Their mission is to improve quality of life of our end users through technological innovation in domains like elderly care, digital talking books and job coaching for disabled workers. Their expertise has been acknowledged by the Belgian government, for whom they developed (and maintain) the BELRAI platform, Caregivers can use this web platform to evaluate the care situation of elderly patients in nursing homes, geriatric hospitals and home care.

Based on the data they collect the system returns results that give an indication on the general care situation of the patient, including physical condition, psychological well-being, level of independence, social inclusion, etc. Their expertise also extends to the generation/delivery of interactive teaching/support material, to assist in specific jobs or tasks. Their expertise in these areas, coupled with support from distinguished professors at Leuven university in the area of accessibility, means they provide relevant skills and knowledge to the consortium.

ISCIII, Institute of Health Carlos IIIResearch Center, Spain

ISCIII is a Public Research Organization depending administratively of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and functionally from the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. ISCIII is the national reference centre on scientific research and technological development for Health in Spain. It is a technical body for the service of the State and the Regions. ICT for Health is one of the strategic working lines of the Institute which is implemented through the Telemedicine and eHealth Unit.

The main active research lines of the Unit are: Mobile Health; AAL (Ambient Assisted Living); information systems in healthcare; standardization and semantic interoperability in EHR; PHR and Archetypes; development of open platform (hardware and software) for the follow up of patients (chronically, elderly and dependent persons care); security and safety of the telemedicine applications and evaluation of new mobile telehealth services and its integration in the public Healthcare National System.