Intelligent Care Guidance
and Learning Services Platform

for informal carers of the elderly

Informal Carers

Informal carers play a crucial role in providing care for older adults. However, carers may suffer from stress, overwork, depression, assaults or may feel insecure when not prepared for certain situations.

Solution iCarer

iCarer aims to monitor and analyse activities of daily care and the psychological state of carers via sensors. This will allow carers’ stress levels to be inferred based on behavioural patterns.

Support Carers

Carers will be provided with advice to improve care via eLearning and a network of experts and fellow carers. This will reduce the need for expensive professional care.


the iCarer platform provides an environment where the Activities of Daily Care (ADCs) performed by Informal Carers and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are unobtrusively monitored using personal and environment sensors. Data from these sensors together with the results of questionnaires can then be analysed to identify tasks that generate stress or activities that are potentially problematic.


A knowledge management system together with a ‘Virtual carer’ will provide tailored support to both the informal carer or the person being cared for based on information recorded and analysed from the monitoring system.


Based on the management of knowledge extracted by the informal caregiver’s psychological state and the caregiver’s behavioural pattern in ADL performance, a selection of personalized informal e-Learning contents will be recommended to the carer in order to reduce their workload and improve the effectiveness of the provided care.

Project Partners